30 August 2012

Complying with the XDG directory specification

With the most recent commit for version 1.9.5 Liferea will now correctly follow the XDG directory layout. The XDG Base Directory Specification describes where applications have to put user data. The focus lies on separating different types of data (volative/cache/configuration/data needing backup...).

So according to the specification Liferea now uses the following three user data paths
  1. ~/.config/liferea for all configuration files as 
    • feed list OPML
    • user defined menu shortcuts
    • user defined CSS
    • ...
  2. ~/.cache/liferea for all cache files that can be deleted without problems
    • favicons
    • OPML caches
    • merged CSS
    • ...
  3. ~/.local/share/liferea for the database file

This way if you ever "rm -rf ~/.cache/" you'll also get the Liferea cache files and you can backup ~/.config or ~/.local knowing you'll backup everything to restore your Liferea data.


Laurie Sanders said...

Thanks for posting this.i really enjoyed reading this...

Jon said...

Was this change backported to Liferea 1.8.10? I just built that from git source and was surprised to see the config files had migrated.