23 December 2011

New Features in 1.8

When you upgrade to 1.8 you might be searching for new features and be a bit disappointed. The thing is that we put our development focus into performance improvements and removing bottlenecks. Still there are some hidden small functional improvements (I'll leave out the performance measures) that I want to outline in the following...

  1. Google Reader Labels: Liferea now supports folders (so called labels) in your Google Reader subscription. Please be aware that in Google Reader a subscription can be in multiple labels, but Liferea organising feeds in a tree can only use one (the first) label. Effectively you have a one-level folder tree only.
  2. TinyTinyRSS 1.5+ Support: Starting with 1.8 you can now subscribe to another great online aggregator. The huge advantage of TinyTinyRSS is that you can host it yourself and do not need to entrust your feeds to a 3rd party online service provider.
  3. Sorting Subscriptions: In the folder context menu you now find a new option to sort all child subscriptions alphabetically.
  4. New Inline Browser Link+Image Actions: You can now run "Copy Link" or "Save Link" in the inline browser for both images and hyperlinks.
  5. Indicator Applet Support: All Ubuntu users can now compile Liferea with support for the indicator applet.
  6. Reorder Browser Tabs: You can now Drag and Drop open browser tabs.

That's it. As I said not much on the feature side, but we did a lot of work on performance. Maybe this is even more important. I'm also aware that the performance improvements did not satisfy our power users with >100k headlines in cache, but there'll be a followup post on the performance measures soon.

10 December 2011

1.8.0 Released

The new stable releases seemingly get finished only around christmas each year. Summer just isn't a good time for getting things done. Well, here it is: It's finally done. The new stable line with many performance improvements and better Google Reader and TinyTinyRss 1.5+ support. Grab it from the project page or ask your package maintainers to upload it!