15 June 2011

Added libindicate Support

Previously we were asked why we do not support the Ubuntu menu indicator applet as another notification variant. The reason was simple: all active developers did use Debian so far.

Now Maia Kozheva offered to maintain the indicator code in Liferea, so starting with 1.7.6 we will include a both compile and runtime optional libindicate support. Compile time optional meaning libindicate auto-detection and runtime optional meaning indicator applet auto-detection with tray icon fallback and flexible preferences.


Anonymous said...

I hope that by all that preferences stuff you mean I can turn it off! One thing I know is that I want to turn off a lot of that Ubuntu over-reach.

Rolandixor said...

Cam you update the development ppa please?

anubeon said...

I've tried installing Liferea 1.7.6 from an unofficial development PPA (https://launchpad.net/~liferea/+archive/development) as well as compiling from source, but for some reason libindicate support is not forthcoming.

I note that Liferea 1.7.6 has yet to be pushed to the official unstable PPA. Any particular reason for this?