23 December 2011

New Features in 1.8

When you upgrade to 1.8 you might be searching for new features and be a bit disappointed. The thing is that we put our development focus into performance improvements and removing bottlenecks. Still there are some hidden small functional improvements (I'll leave out the performance measures) that I want to outline in the following...

  1. Google Reader Labels: Liferea now supports folders (so called labels) in your Google Reader subscription. Please be aware that in Google Reader a subscription can be in multiple labels, but Liferea organising feeds in a tree can only use one (the first) label. Effectively you have a one-level folder tree only.
  2. TinyTinyRSS 1.5+ Support: Starting with 1.8 you can now subscribe to another great online aggregator. The huge advantage of TinyTinyRSS is that you can host it yourself and do not need to entrust your feeds to a 3rd party online service provider.
  3. Sorting Subscriptions: In the folder context menu you now find a new option to sort all child subscriptions alphabetically.
  4. New Inline Browser Link+Image Actions: You can now run "Copy Link" or "Save Link" in the inline browser for both images and hyperlinks.
  5. Indicator Applet Support: All Ubuntu users can now compile Liferea with support for the indicator applet.
  6. Reorder Browser Tabs: You can now Drag and Drop open browser tabs.

That's it. As I said not much on the feature side, but we did a lot of work on performance. Maybe this is even more important. I'm also aware that the performance improvements did not satisfy our power users with >100k headlines in cache, but there'll be a followup post on the performance measures soon.

10 December 2011

1.8.0 Released

The new stable releases seemingly get finished only around christmas each year. Summer just isn't a good time for getting things done. Well, here it is: It's finally done. The new stable line with many performance improvements and better Google Reader and TinyTinyRss 1.5+ support. Grab it from the project page or ask your package maintainers to upload it!

22 June 2011

Accidental Drag&Drop in HTML Pane Fixed

Many bug reporters mentioned accidentally subscribing to arbitrary text "URLs" by selecting stuff in the HTML pane and then unwillingly dragging it. This always led to a new subscription in the feed list.

The new releases 1.6.6 and 1.7.6 provide a fix requiring links to be dragged over the feed list. When dragging and dropping in the HTML pane or elsewhere in the window nothing happens now.

18 June 2011

Google Reader Label Support Added

Many users have asked for quite some time... Yesterday we added Google Reader label support to git. So now you get Google Reader labels as folders in Liferea. This sync feature was contributed by Peter Oliver and Sergey Snitsaru.

Right now labels are only sync'ed from Google to Liferea, but not yet the other way around.

Support will first be included with 1.7.6

17 June 2011

TinyTinyRSS API Change

TinyTinyRSS has changed the JSON API in an incompatible way with tt-rss release 1.5. If you are using the tt-rss support with Liferea 1.7.5 you will not be able to connect to tt-rss 1.5+ anymore.

Support for the new tt-rss JSON API will be provided with the next unstable release of Liferea 1.7.6. If you really need to use tt-rss in the meantime please use the latest code from our git repository.

Also starting with Liferea 1.7.6 you will not be able to access tt-rss 1.4 setups anymore. Please upgrade your tt-rss to the newest release.

15 June 2011

Added libindicate Support

Previously we were asked why we do not support the Ubuntu menu indicator applet as another notification variant. The reason was simple: all active developers did use Debian so far.

Now Maia Kozheva offered to maintain the indicator code in Liferea, so starting with 1.7.6 we will include a both compile and runtime optional libindicate support. Compile time optional meaning libindicate auto-detection and runtime optional meaning indicator applet auto-detection with tray icon fallback and flexible preferences.

21 April 2011

Full Screen Mode

One thing I'm wondering about: are Liferea users interested in a full screen mode? For example for viewing websites after opening them in a tab, or to simply have Liferea use all available screen space.  

Update: Full screen mode was implemented with 1.9.3

20 April 2011

Popup Menu Key Support

Did you know that there is a popup menu key, that allows you to open the context menu in list views?

Well the GTK default binding is - and on Windows Keyboards the context menu key (usually near to the right of your ey) . As GTK does not handle it as an alias for the 3rd mouse button event each application needs to implement this event for each list view separately :-(

Until now Liferea did not implement this keybinding. Keyboard users will be happy with the upcoming release 1.7.6 which introduces support for this feature based on a patch by Ricardo Cruz.

19 April 2011

Working TinyTinyRSS Support!

With the new unstable release 1.7.5 TinyTinyRSS (tt-rss) support is now usable. All relevant features are implemented. While the implementation might not yet be optimal (doing single item fetches/updates, no async handling for offline state...) it is still usable in normal situations.

Feel free to test and give feedback!