25 July 2009

New Stable Release 1.6

Liferea has a new stable release line 1.6. Download the new version 1.6.0 from our project page!

Here is a summary of the new functionality

  • Full Google Reader synchronization
  • Reduced feed list mode (hiding all feeds without unread items)
  • Enabling of browser plugins is now configurable (disabled by default)
  • GeoRSS support (rendering maps with OpenStreetMap)
  • New search engines you can subscribe to: Twitter, Identi.ca
  • Improved RSS namespace support: Itunes, Yahoo Media, Trackback
  • Improved presentation of enclosures

If you are interested in one of the above features or have problems in stability or performance of 1.4 please upgrade to this new release! If you have problems with the new release please use the IRC channel, the mailing list or the SF tracker for support requests! Everyone who posts complaints here in the comments gets -5 points (on a random account of some type of anything...).

And finally do not forget to write a bit of occasional positive feedback on the features you like most. It's hard to tell which features or users like the most to avoid accidentily dropping them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this release. Lot of very good improvements. Any chance to get some package for ubuntu jaunty ?

Lars said...

Sorry, we do not provide any binary packages at the moment.

djcb said...

Well, actually there *are* 1.6 binaries for Jaunty:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need to use the Liferea PPA + Webkit ppa.

Stand-alone Liferea for JJ isn't possible because it uses some components that are too new and aren't available in the repos.

Vadi said...

(that means you won't see it on getdeb.net)

Czarny said...

I created offline reading script for wordpreess feeds as not everyone is publishing whole articles, and I don't like it

script is here


Kevix said...

someone told me about google reader sync and I was like OMG. I am now a new happy user.

Johannes said...

i really like liferea. great feedreader.

one question about the google reader sync: does liferea support full sync or is it "just" a read only feed catching from the google account?

Lars said...

@Johannes: Liferea does a 2-way sync of the items. The only thing we do not support are the feed tags that Google Reader uses to organize feeds.

Johannes said...


Do I have to configure my google reader somehow? The problem I have: every time I add a feed in liferea and press the update button the feed is deleted (i.e. the feed list is synchronized with my google reader instead of updating google reader and adding the new feed). Any suggestions?

Lars said...

@Johannes: No this is not necessary. Newly added feeds should be sync'ed to Google automatically. If it doesn't work please write a bug report adding a trace (that you get when running with --debug-update). Please ensure to strip passwords from the output.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have liferea 1.6.3 from Debian sid, and can't find any Google Reader releated options. Would be thankfull for clues what is wrong.

Lars said...

Please right click in the subscription list and select "New / New Source". From the following dialog select "Google Reader".