06 May 2008

New Subscription Options in 1.5.3

Release 1.5.3 will introduce new subscription options that might help with some minor use cases where you want to modify the Liferea default behaviour for certain subscriptions:


arnie said...

Awesome. "Never do Popup notifications" is too cool. I've already started using it for many of my feeds. Personally, I don't see the use of the other two options though. :/

Anyway, it'd be very cool to have all popup notifications in a single popup. It is very distracting to see five-six popups (and then needing to close each of them)

Nailor said...

Nice selections, but isn't it a bit confusing that you can enforce the popup and disable it for the same feed at the same time?

At least to me it seems a bit confusing to have checkboxes on both of them.

Lars said...

@arnie: The "always do popups" option becomes useful when you have the global popup preference disabled. So both options do realize Opt-In and Opt-Out popup behaviour for the subscription.

The "mark as read" option is useful for feeds you never read. For example torrent tracker feeds you only need to receive certain torrents of your favourite TV series.

@nailor: I agree the usability of the two options is not perfect. The best solution would propably be a combo box with "never popup/always popup/follow global popup preference". I only implemented to 2 liner solution of adding simple checkboxes. Please consider contributing an improved solution!

MKx said...

It would be nice to have option to update individual feeds on start-up. Currently, this option only available globally for all feeds. Would something like this be possible? Thanks.

Lars said...

@mkx: I personally do not see a real use case for this and until now there were no such feature requests. So to keep things simple there should be no such extra options.

mkx said...

Well, it's not that important and doesn't affect many users probably. But here's my use case anyway; my machine is kinda slow and I have quite a lot of feeds in Liferea. Updating them all on startup cause the system to become a bit heavy and the Liferea to be unresposive for minute or two. So by default I set the option to update only outdated feeds on startup. But then there's two or three 'fast' feeds I would go to update them manually to have current day feed, otherwise I'll miss that day content.

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