12 March 2008

Liferea + Firefox + Ubuntu

Recently quite a few Ubuntu users had troubles getting feed subscription with Firefox to work. In all cases it turned out that the Ubuntu package firefox-gnome-support was missing. So if you are using Ubuntu and Firefox please check if you this package installed!


Vadi said...

Maybe that package should be set to "depends" for liferea?

jonathanhickman said...

firefox-gnome-support is installed for me, but firefox feed subscription definitely isn't working.

Lars said...

@vadi: No, I don't think so because Liferea users are not forced to use Firefox. They might use other browsers and this dependency could imply a hard dependency on Firefox.

@jonathanhickman: Did you configure the "liferea-add-feed" script in Firefox? This is described here. If you have an it still doesn't work you should try to run "liferea-add-feed" with a valid URL as parameter on the command line and check for any error output.

BTW: please use IRC, the SourceForge tracker or the mailing list for support requests!

Dennis said...

Firefox? Worked great the first two times I used it on Ubuntu. The next day it refused to even open at all. Am I doing something wrong or is it just buggy? Guess I'll have to switch to Opera.