28 February 2008

Attention Profile

Liferea is a news aggregator and each day allows its users to read maybe hundreds of new blog posts, news articles or podcasts. Many of those are tagged by their authors by descriptive categories. So if it know what the user likes to read most why cannot it preselect those favourite "type" of articles?

The new 1.5 code now keeps track of the absolute number of read categories. Under the "Tools" menu you can now find a new option "Attention Profile" to view the per-category count.

While this might not yet be very useful, this statistic keeping opens up the possibility for more sophisticated features. For example search folders for your most favourite categories, feed and item rating, APML exporting...

Be warned this is experimental, it might work out, it might not. It might hurt performance, or not. Also it arises ethical questions about creating user profiles. All things that still need to be thought about.

Update: Due to performance problems, the Attention Profile has been disabled for Liferea 1.6


Vadi said...

Personally I'd like it per-blog, not per category - my categories are a complete mess.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of preferences and personalized profiles... A few months ago you dismissed the idea/suggestion of an option to disable comments, saying it wasn't possible and there were no plans to do so...

Of course it is possible, and should be fairly easy to implement, you certainly implemented the ability to ALLOW and display them when before there was no such ability.

I urgently request you reconsider the ability to automatically check and display comments posted in feeds/blogs. When the option was first implemented, I found the automated check for comments and Internet activity when clicing a headline to by quite intrusive, and still do.

I don't think the request was too far off base, and I'm sure many people would agree that having the application automicatically check for, let alone, display third-party comments would be a welcome, and in my opinion, necessary option/preference. If not only for the 'call home' type instrusiveness, for the future possibility of third-party embedded exploits/spam, etc. should have been a consideration, especially if people prefer to allow javascript/plugins for some feeds.

Enough of my rant.. please make the application that I love even better! Please add an option to enable or disable automatic checking of remote/third-party comments!

keep up the good work! peace!


Lars said...

@piker: please consider helping with implementation and maintanenance. You cannot just demand arbitrary features and claim that they can be done. Nobody wins if the program gets overloaded with options with most of them working only under some circumstances. Also everyone contributing has great freedom to decide which UI, and which of ones favourite options, to enforce.

I implement what I can and want to maintain. Others do the same. Please consider it for yourself too!

vadi: I'll think over the per-subscription counting. I'm not yet sure what the exact implementation implications are...