01 October 2007

Atom Link Blog Support

Beginning with 1.4.5 Liferea will render Atom feed links with attribute rel="related" and rel="via". These two link types do allow Atom generators to express the typical link posting life cycle. The "via" link says where you got the link from and the "related" link points to the interesting source.

By displaying those links in the item header Liferea now allows you to follow the so-called link blogs that mostly provide you with link dumps instead of HTML text content with embedded links.


Matt said...

Sorry to post this here, but I don't know exactly where to file a bug report. Actually I don't even know if it's a bug but probably a security issue.

I noticed that liferea makes a backup file (feedlist.opml.backup) for the feeds, but the permissions of this file are 644, shouldn't be 600 like feedlist.opml? (as far as I understand feedlist.opml and its backup contains plain user/passwords)

Lars said...

Please file bug reports at the SF bug tracker: http://sourceforge.net/projects/liferea/

Yes, the permissions for the backup files should be the same as for the original OPML file. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.