13 April 2007

First 1.3.x series release

Today I created the first release in the new unstable series. It introduces a sqlite backend and simple comment feed support. This release is intended for development purposes only, so that one can compare 1.2.x and 1.3.x performance. I invite everyone interested in getting Liferea faster to have a look at the DB schema (src/db.c) and the current access patterns. Reviews!!!

If you want to try 1.3.x you can run it without influencing 1.2.x. It will create an own cache directory ~/.liferea_1.3 and migrate the 1.2.x cache automatically on the first startup (which might take some seconds).

This release is not intended for production. It is missing several features (searching, search folders...), that I hope to add in the next weeks again. For testing you should be able to use the basic feed reader features.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Liferea is _alot_ faster! Thank you for your hard work!

Lars said...

Performance is (besides comment feed support) the most important thing in the 1.3 branch. Although the first releases are quite fast in most scenarios there are still bottle necks, for example when mass-updating feeds which currently does block the GUI. But I hope by investigating the exact reasons that I'll be able to optimize this too.

Ruben Vermeersch said...

Will this purely be speed optimization, or also memory optimization?

Lars said...

ruben vermeersch: Before answering the question Liferea 1.2.x with a typical feed list of 100 feeds and a per-feed cache size of 100 items usually eats up around 50MB. At least 15-20 MB of this are eaten by the Gecko rendering.

It is also important to note that current releases seem to have a rare bug that causes exorbitant leaking 350MB. This needs to be fixed independent of the storage backend.

For sqlite my 1.3 test installation with 300+ feeds runs (right after startup, there are surely leaks) with a residental memory usage of 35MB. So to answer your question: yes it will optimize memory usage insofar the code will not keep search results (search folders) in memory anymore.

But Liferea, despite it's "only showing news headlines, and often only one at a time", will never reach a memory usage below 10MB.

Ruben Vermeersch said...

There's still some more that can be done (like lazy loading feed descriptions).

Is there an SVN repository somewhere for the new branch?

Nice work by the way!

Lars said...

Yes, there is. It can be found at the SourceForge project page.