07 March 2007

Feed List Recovery

During the last month I've learned of four cases of feed list loss. While the reason is not 100% clear, it is hard to debug once it did happen, I found at least one issue with the error code handling in the feed list saving logic, that could cause data loss.

Now before I show you a way to recover the feed list some general hints:
  • Ensure you are running version 1.2.7+
  • Backup you feed list!
Now let's assume you have lost your feed list and Liferea comes up with an empty or the default feed list. There is an relatively easy way to recover all feeds and there contents. This is possible because the per feed XML cache files do contain the feed title and source URL. So a simple script can be used to extract those and to generate a new OPML file to be used as the feed list.

To automatically scan the cache and create a feed list file you can use this script: recoverFeedList.sh. To run it call it like this:

    $ sh recoverFeedList.sh > feedlist.opml

After successful execution (depending on the number of your feeds this can take some time) please check the contents of the created file before copying it to ~/.liferea_1.2/feedlist.opml.

Note: the script will not restore the folder hierarchy, search folders, OPML subscriptions and news bins (to do this more manual work is necessary).

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