24 February 2007

DB Backend Progress

Here is a short update on the 1.3.x progress. The promised comments support already works properly and is available from SVN HEAD. The rewrite with a DB backend using sqlite has started and there is a first prototype able to load and write items to the database. During the first integration work the necessary work became much clearer and I think the effort is now more predictable. My current estimation is somewhere between 3 to 6 months until a first stable version.

As always I want to motivate everyone to join development. You don't need to bring anything with you beside a little bit of C coding knowledge and time to spend. After all how many users are out there? And what is a good user/developer ratio? While I think 100/1 might be normal is 1000/1 also ok? Anyone knowing about typical open source numbers?


Ralf said...
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Ralf said...

Yes a database backend!!

That is some good news. That will surely improve performance alot..

And it will for fast as-we-type searching?

Perhaps together with a deskbar plugin? Or am i now dreaming?

I don't touch C, but I can help wit h the deskbar plugin. They use python if i'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Try write letter to guys from GnomeFiles.org Maby they can make a news about your search for developers for joining this project. Sorry for my english

Lars said...

@Ralf: While it is surely possible I don't plan a as-you-type search feature.

As for the deskbar plugin there is already Liferea support with a Beagle backend, they index the XML cache files and in the future the index could be built from the DB.