21 October 2006

Define additional Social Bookmarking Sites

Here is a hint for everyone that is unhappy with the social bookmarking site selection that is available in Liferea v1.1.x. If you run a installation with LUA support enabled you can add a script that registers additional social bookmarking sites. To do so open up the script manager from the "Program" menu and select the startup hook. Create a new script and insert something like given in the following examples:

-- Registers an additional social bookmarking site

-- Example with URL posting only

-- Example with URL and title posting (title passed at second position)

-- Example with URL and title posting (title passed at first position)

The URL format is your choice as long as it contains the correct number of %s occurences. The exact meaning of the parameters should be intuitive but can be found in social.h.

The described solution is now avaibable with SVN trunk and will be released with v1.1.8.


Kurt McKee said...

Totally. Sweet.

Lars said...

Note: Anyone using this please note that the function name was changed with 1.5+. The new function name is social_register_bookmark_site().