07 September 2006

Integrating Liferea with Firefox

Want to easily add subscriptions from within Firefox? You don't really need the live bookmarks feature of Firefox? Then FeedBag is the solution.

FeedBag is a very simple Firefox 1.5+ extension that changes the live bookmark subscription icon in the URL entry to add subscriptions to Liferea instead of creating a new live bookmark subscription.

To do this FeedBag relies on DBUS to send subscription requests to Liferea. So if it stops working please check that both Firefox and Liferea are started from within a DBUS enabled environment.

You can find FeedBag on addons.mozilla.org but you can also find the XPI on the SF project page or in the source tarball.


Allan said...

Thanks!! I've been looking for this.

Kind of weird that the feed propertiess dialog stays open. What happens if you click on several little orange icons before going to the main application?

Lars Lindner said...

The idea of the feed properties opening up after subscribing is that you check the settings, change the title and adjust the update interval.

But I see that this might not be the default use case, many users may never touch those values. I think I'll remove this behaviour with one of the next releases.

Lars Strojny said...

Maybe it is worth using //channel/title/* as the default title to make sure, this interaction is not really needed.

Lars Lindner said...

The feed specific title is used as the default anyway. And there is also a fallback to the source URL. But personally I usually shorten each feed title, because I don't like the whole sentences some feeds provide or the useless "News" or "Blog" suffixes.

r7 said...

i'm still not getting firefox to update from the 'find updates' widget in extensions.

anything we can do to poke firefox folks on this?

Lars Lindner said...

@r7: I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you have problems with the initial installation of FeedBag or do you have problems upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1?

Automatic upgrading from v1.0 to v1.1 is not yet possible because the review process for less important Linux extensions seems to take weeks and the v1.1 version is not accepted at addons.mozilla.org.

r7 said...

sorry for being unclear lars.

i had no problems installing 1.0 when it came out. i was waiting for the autoupdate of extensions in firefox to kick in.

having said that, it did successfully update to 1.1 yesterday, so the mozilla folks have woken up.

Lars Lindner said...

No problem. The review of Unix extensions that are used by only a few people out there seems to take pretty long. I assume famous Windows extensions will get accepted within minutes.

But after all addons.mozilla.org is a great and free service.

Allan said...

For Firefox 2, use the tutorial here.

In brief:

1. Type 'about:config' in the location bar.

2. Right-click and select 'New->String'

3. Use 'browser.feeds.handlers.application' for the name (without the quotes; case matters)

4. Use '/usr/bin/liferea-add-feed' for the value (check that this is the right path on you system first).

And you are all done!